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Dog walker

Dog walking on Pawshake means that a dog walker picks up your dog at an agreed time to walk him or her while you are away.

Perchè dog walking?

Busy days – boring days: If you are working away from home all day and your dog stays behind, they may get bored or lonely. Some dogs – especially puppies or older dogs – may need to toilet during the day, but they can’t go if there is no one around to let them out. This can be very stressful to the poor pooches. A good walk and potty break will make your dog's day much easier.

Exercise promotes well-being: Most dogs require a daily walk for a balanced and healthy life style. It enables them to use their senses, to smell, see and hear the exciting world around them and possbily even to socialize with others.

If you have a busy life, you may not have the time to give your furry friend the exercise they need. If you have a dog walker, you can come home and enjoy your evening off together with your dog. Walk them again or snuggle up on the couch with them – it’s up to the two of you.

Come funziona dog walking?

Incontra & Conosci il Pet Sitter: Il primo passo è la ricerca nella tua zona di un Pet Sitter che si adatta alle tue esigenze ed è disponibile. Contattalo e organizza un Incontro con il Pet Sitter & Incontra il Pet Sitter in modo da poter arrivare a conoscerlo e, se il Pet Sitter ha un cane che si unirà durante le passeggiate, fa conoscere i cani tra loro in modo sicuro

Paga attraverso Pawshake: Se tutti vanno d'accordo, prenota e paga in modo sicuro via Pawshake

Suggerimenti:. di stile

  • Se il Pet Sitter viene a prendere il vostro animale e lo riaccompagna a casa , assicurati di dargli le chiavi della vostra casa o appartamento. < / li>
  • Fate sapere al PetSitter dove trovare il collare o l’imbracatura, le borse per i bisogni e quant'altro potrebbe avere bisogno per la passeggiata.
  • Fate al Pet Sitter una sintesi del comportamento del vostro animale in determinate situazioni (per esempio quando incontrano gli stranieri, i cani maschi o femmine, biciclette ...) e - & nbsp; < / span> molto importante! – Condividi eventuali indizi per conoscere il vostro cane
  • Prendete precisi accordi su dove e per quanto tempo portarlo a camminare , se l’animale può stare senza guinzaglio e dove, se ha bisogno di training e su altri aspetti che possono essere importanti per voi o il vostro animale.

Far sapere al Pet Sitter che cosa piace al vostro animale: Se si desidera condividere avventure del vostro animale, il Pet Sitter può inviare dei messaggi o aggiornamenti di foto tramite il sito web o l'applicazione Pawshake.

Perchè scegliere Dog walking via Pawshake?

Trusted, vetted and insured: On Pawshake you can find trusted and vetted dog walkers in your area. Your dog is covered by our Premium Pet Protection insurance during the walk.

No need to feel bad: A dedicated dog walker can be a great alternative to asking your neighbour or your mother in law to let your dog out. Many dog owners are embarrassed about asking friends or relatives to take care of their dogs– a Pawshake dog walker will be happy to help you out!

Tailored to your dog’s needs: While many professional dog walkers have a set route and take many dogs simultaneously, most Pawshake dog walkers take only one or very few dogs at a time.

Your dog doesn’t get along with other dogs? Ask for an individual walk.

You have a little puppy or an older dog, who wouldn’t be able to cope with the walking speed or long routes of a professional? Find a dog walker who will go for a short, slow walk with them.

Your dog is very energetic and needs extensive walks? That, too, can be arranged. The fun and loving dog walking provided by Pawshake pet sitters takes the needs of every individual into account!

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