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Asilo per cani nel tuo vicinato?

Trova un servizio di day care per il tuo cane vicino a te

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Asilo per cani

Il day care del vostro cane su Pawshake significa che il vostro cane passa la giornata a casa del Dog Sitter mentre si è lontani. In base all'accordo, o il proprietario o il Dog Sitter possono trasportare il cane dalla casa del proletario al luogo del day care.

Perchè asilo per cani?

Busy days – boring days: If you are working away from home all day and your dog stays behind, they may get bored or lonely. Some dogs – especially puppies or older dogs – may need to toilet during the day, but they can’t go if there is no one around to let them outside. This can be very stressful to the poor pooches. Doggy day care is an excellent solution for this problem.

Dogs are social animals: Many dogs don’t do well on their own. Some even suffer from full-blown separation anxiety, making it hard or even impossible to leave them alone. In doggy day care, they have company all day. The day care sitter will keep them occupied with activities that your furry friend likes.

Come funziona asilo per cani?

Free Meet & Greet: The first step is to search for a dog sitter who offers day care in your area who suits your needs and is available. Contact them and arrange a Meet & Greet so you can get to know each other and, if the dog sitter has a dog of their own, introduce the dogs to each other safely.

Pay through Pawshake: If you all get along well, book and pay safely via Pawshake.

Top dog day care tips:

  • If the dog sitter picks your dog up and drops them off at home, be sure to give them a key to your house or apartment.
  • Let them know where to find or remember to bring anything the dog will need during the day, e.g. collar or harness, leash, toys, blanket.
  • Share with the pet sitter any cues your dog knows, as well as any information relevant for daily life with your dog.
  • Make precise agreements about what your dog sitter will should and should not do with your dog. Will the day care include a walk, some training? What activities does the dog like?
  • If the dog sitter provides day care to more than one dog, make sure to introduce all dogs safely to each other.

Know what Fido is up to: If you want to share in your dog’s adventures at his day care, the dog sitter can send you text or photo updates via the Pawshake website or app.

Perchè scegliere Asilo per cani via Pawshake?

Trusted, vetted and insured: On Pawshake you can find trusted and vetted dog walkers in your area. Your dog is covered by our Premium Pet Protection insurance during their stay at the pet sitter’s.

No need to feel bad: A dedicated dog sitter can be a great alternative to asking your neighbour or your mother in law to take your dog during the day. Many dog owners are embarrassed about asking friends or relatives to take care of their dogs – a Pawshake dog sitter will be happy to help you out!

Tailored to your dog’s needs: While a commercial doggy day care takes in many dogs at a time, most Pawshake dog sitters take only one or very few dogs for day care. This means that your dog will get more personal attention and also more rest, since being around many dogs can cause some dogs to get overexcited. A dog does need 14 to 18 hours of sleep per day, after all.

Your dog doesn’t get along with other dogs? Look for a day care provider who doesn’t have a dog of their own and will take in only one dog.

Your dog is very energetic and needs extensive walks? Arrange for it with your dog sitter.

Your dog needs regular medication or needs to be fed during the day? Your dog sitter can see to this, too.

The fun and loving doggy day care provided by Pawshake pet sitters takes the needs of every individual into account!

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